Enucleation of human erythroblasts involves non-muscle myosin IIB.

  title={Enucleation of human erythroblasts involves non-muscle myosin IIB.},
  author={Kumi Ubukawa and Yong-mei Guo and Masayuki Takahashi and Makoto Hirokawa and Yoshihiro Michishita and Miho Nara and Hiroyuki Tagawa and Naoto Takahashi and Atsushi Komatsuda and Wataru Nunomura and Yuichi Takakuwa and Kenichi Sawada},
  volume={119 4},
Mammalian erythroblasts undergo enucleation, a process thought to be similar to cytokinesis. Although an assemblage of actin, non-muscle myosin II, and several other proteins is crucial for proper cytokinesis, the role of non-muscle myosin II in enucleation remains unclear. In this study, we investigated the effect of various cell-division inhibitors on cytokinesis and enucleation. For this purpose, we used human colony-forming unit-erythroid (CFU-E) and mature erythroblasts generated from… CONTINUE READING