Entropy scaling in galaxy clusters: Insights from an XMM-Newton observation of the poor cluster A1983

  title={Entropy scaling in galaxy clusters: Insights from an XMM-Newton observation of the poor cluster A1983},
  author={Gabriel W. Pratt and Monique D. Arnaud},
  journal={Astronomy and Astrophysics},
An XMM-Newton observation of the cool (kT = 2.1 keV) cluster A1983, at z = 0.044, is presented. Gas density and temperature profiles are calculated over the radial range up to 500 h −1 50 kpc, corresponding to ∼0.35 r200. The outer regions of the surface brightness profile are well described with a β-model with β = 0.74, but the central regions require the introduction of a second component. The temperature profile is flat at the exterior with a slight dip towards the centre. The total mass… Expand
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