Entropy and the Shelf Model: A Quantum Physical Approach to a Physical Property

  title={Entropy and the Shelf Model: A Quantum Physical Approach to a Physical Property},
  author={A. Jungermann},
  journal={Journal of Chemical Education},
In contrast to most other thermodynamic data, entropy values are not given in relation to a certain—more or less arbitrarily defined—zero level. They are listed in standard thermodynamic tables as absolute values of specific substances. Therefore these values describe a physical property of the listed substances. One of the main tasks of chemistry is to understand physical properties with respect to the internal structure of the substances. This comprises issues such as the kind of chemical… Expand
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Many faces of entropy or Bayesian statistical mechanics.
  • E. Starikov
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry
  • 2010
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