Entropy and temperature of black 3-branes.

  title={Entropy and temperature of black 3-branes.},
  author={Gubser and Klebanov and Peet},
  journal={Physical review. D, Particles and fields},
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  • Gubser, Klebanov, Peet
  • Published 25 February 1996
  • Physics
  • Physical review. D, Particles and fields
We consider slightly nonextremal black 3-branes of type IIB supergravity and show that their Bekenstein-Hawking entropy agrees, up to a mysterious factor, with an entropy derived by counting non-BPS excitations of the Dirichlet 3-brane. These excitations are described in terms of the statistical mechanics of a (3+1)-dimensional gas of massless open string states. This is essentially the classic problem of blackbody radiation. The blackbody temperature is related to the temperature of the… 
In this paper, we formulate a criterion for constructing 11D/10D maximal supergravity black-brane solutions with the near-extremal S~n3T5 entropy-temperature relation. We present explicit examples of
Brane-antibrane systems at finite temperature and the entropy of black branes
We consider D-brane--anti-D-brane systems at T > 0. Starting at the closed string vacuum, we argue that a finite temperature leads to the reappearance of open string degrees of freedom. We also show
Thermodynamics of spinning D3-branes
Thermodynamics of spinning D 3-branes
Spinning black three-branes in type IIB supergravity are thermodynamically stable up to a critical value of the angular momentum density. Inside the region of thermodynamic stability, the free energy
Statistical entropy of Schwarzschild black holes
Entropy of the 3-brane and the AdS/CFT duality from a two-dimensional perspective
A two-dimensional (2D) scalar–tensor gravity theory is used to describe the near-horizon, near-extremal behaviour of black 3-brane solutions of type IIB string theory. The asymptotic symmetry group


Notes on D-branes
This is a series of remedial lectures on open and unoriented strings for the heterotic string generation. The particular focus is on the interesting features that arise under T-duality---D-branes and
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A similar mismatch in the entropy normalizations was also found by A. Strominger, private communication
  • A similar mismatch in the entropy normalizations was also found by A. Strominger, private communication
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