Entropy and Wealth

  title={Entropy and Wealth},
  author={Demetris Koutsoyiannis and G.-Fivos Sargentis},
While entropy was introduced in the second half of the 19th century in the international vocabulary as a scientific term, in the 20th century it became common in colloquial use. Popular imagination has loaded “entropy” with almost every negative quality in the universe, in life and in society, with a dominant meaning of disorder and disorganization. Exploring the history of the term and many different approaches to it, we show that entropy has a universal stochastic definition, which is not… 
Values and Costs in History: A Case Study on Estimating the Cost of Hadrianic Aqueduct’s Construction
Analyzing global data, it is shown that money, probably connected with medical care, increase life expectancy, however, the base of real wealth is access to the Water–Energy–Food nexus, and the access to this also increases life expectancy.
Joseph, Bijin; Chakrabarti, Bikas K. Variation of Gini and Kolkata indices with saving propensity in the kinetic exchange model
  • Mathematics
  • 2022
We study analytically the change in the wealth (x) distribution P (x) against saving propensity λ in a closed economy, using the Kinetic theory. We estimate the Gini (g) and Kolkata (k) indices by
Synchronous Generative Development amidst Situated Entropy
Practical examples indicate that counterproductive complexity can arise from situated entropy amidst biosocial-technical innovations: even when those innovations are compatible with synchronous generative development.
f-Gintropy: An Entropic Distance Ranking Based on the Gini Index
We consider an entropic distance analog quantity based on the density of the Gini index in the Lorenz map, i.e., gintropy. Such a quantity might be used for pairwise mapping and ranking between
Variation of Gini and Kolkata indices with saving propensity in the Kinetic Exchange model of wealth distribution: An analytical study


The Role of Entropy in the Development of Economics
This paper shows that non-extensive cross-entropy econometrics is a valuable complement to traditional econometry as it explains phenomena based on power-law probability distribution and enables econometric model estimation for non-ergodic ill-behaved (troublesome) inverse problems.
Entropy as a Philosophy
Abstract : The ancient Greeks considered philosophy as the mother of sciences engulfing the essence of all human achievements. It is therefore, natural to associate her with elements of universal
Evolution and Entropy
  • Philosophy
  • 1944
FOR an essay on "Evolution and Entropy" Mr. E. H. Betts has been awarded the Langhorne Orchard Prize of the Victoria Institute. The main thesis propounded is, that since in the author's opinion
Entropy and Society: Can the Physical/ Mathematical Notions of Entropy Be Usefully Imported into the Social Sphere?
This paper will mention numerous definitions of entropy and consider the virtues and ambiguities of the concept of entropy, and pass judgment on some old and new interpretations of certain current societal developments made along entropic lines and that conflict with the current Western social ethos.
On the Entropy of Social Systems: A Revision of the Concepts of Entropy and Energy in the Social Context †
The main problem that systems theory tries to solve is the problem of complexity. The notion of complexity is very often correlated to variables such as entropy and energy, organization and
Stratification: An Entropic View of Society’s Structure
In human societies, we observe a wide range of types of stratification, i.e., in terms of financial class, political power, level of education, sanctity, and military force. In financial, political,
Wealth, Virtual Wealth, and Debt: the Solution of the Economic Paradox
IN childhood many things are hidden from us, but we use money to buy our first sweets at an age which is rarely within the recollection of mature thought. So we take money for granted. We learn by
Removing the Mystery of Entropy and Thermodynamics — Part I
Energy and entropy are centerpieces of physics. Energy is typically introduced in the study of classical mechanics. Although energy in this context can be challenging, its use in thermodynamics and
The meanings of entropy
These conceptions of entropy, which have been successively assimilated to different concepts such as disorder and information, are revisited, and disorder or agitation is shown to be more appropriately linked with temperature.