Entropy Bounds for Constrained Two-Dimensional Random Fields

  title={Entropy Bounds for Constrained Two-Dimensional Random Fields},
  author={S. Forchhammer and J. Justesen},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory},
  • S. Forchhammer, J. Justesen
  • Published 1999
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory
  • The maximum entropy and thereby the capacity of two-dimensional (2-D) fields given by certain constraints on configurations is considered. Upper and lower bounds are derived. A new class of 2-D processes yielding good lower bounds is introduced. Asymptotically, the process achieves capacity for constraints with limited long-range effects. The processes are general and may also be applied to, e.g., data compression of digital images. Results are given for the binary hard square model, which is a… CONTINUE READING
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