Entropically patchy particles: engineering valence through shape entropy.

  title={Entropically patchy particles: engineering valence through shape entropy.},
  author={Greg van Anders and Nayaz Khalid Ahmed and Ross Flewell Smith and Michael Engel and Sharon C. Glotzer},
  journal={ACS nano},
  volume={8 1},
Patchy particles are a popular paradigm for the design and synthesis of nanoparticles and colloids for self-assembly. In "traditional" patchy particles, anisotropic interactions arising from patterned coatings, functionalized molecules, DNA, and other enthalpic means create the possibility for directional binding of particles into higher-ordered structures. Although the anisotropic geometry of nonspherical particles contributes to the interaction patchiness through van der Waals, electrostatic… CONTINUE READING


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