Entrepreneurial marketing strategy, institutional environment, and business performance of SMEs in Egypt

  title={Entrepreneurial marketing strategy, institutional environment, and business performance of SMEs in Egypt},
  author={Heba Mohamed Adel and Abeer Abdelrahman Mahrous and Rasha Hammad},
  journal={Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies},
Purpose The purpose of this research paper is to study the relationship between entrepreneurial marketing strategy (EMS), institutional environment (IE) and business performance (BP). Further, it examines the role of gender and entrepreneurial experience (EE) as moderators of EMS-BP and IE-BP relationships. Design/methodology/approach Based on the literature review, the authors proposed a conceptual model that was tested using a quantitative approach. Questionnaires were filled by 202 owners… 
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Article history: Received April 1, 2018 Received in revised format May 11 2018 Accepted June 1 2018 Available online June 1 2018 This study examines the role of gender on entrepreneurial marketing