Entrance into Prostitution

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Toward an Understanding of the Experiences of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children
of a dissertation at the University of Miami Dissertation supervised by Professor Debbiesiu Lee and Provost Etiony Aldarondo. No. of pages in text. (318) There is a paucity of systematic research
Preventing the Re-Traumatization of Individuals who are Arrested for Prostitution by Implementing Trauma-Informed Practices in the Criminal Justice System
Most literature suggests that at least half of those who engage in prostitution have a history of physical or sexual abuse. Individuals who have experienced trauma are constantly re-traumatized
Age at Entry into Prostitution: Relationship to Drug Use, Race, Suicide, Education Level, Childhood Abuse, and Family Experiences
Women who entered prostitution as minors were found to be more likely to be African-American; report having a family member with a substance use problem; have a history of attempted suicide; and not have completed middle or high school.
Narratives from Non-Profit Workers: The Journey of Helping Women Leave Prostitution
Through interviews, the journey of helping prostitutes were studied to find themes associated with supporting the prostitute’s exit from her previous life to the acclamation of a new lifestyle.
The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Later Sexual Victimization among Runaway Youth.
Path analysis was used to investigate the impact of childhood sexual abuse on later sexual victimization among 372 homeless and runaway youth in Seattle. Young people were interviewed directly on the
“Curiosity and a Pimp”: Exploring Sex Trafficking Victimization in Experiences of Entering Sex Trade Industry Work Among Participants in a Prostitution Diversion Program
This mixed-methods study explored entry into the sex trade industry and experiences of sex trafficking victimization among 478 adult women enrolled in a prostitution diversion program in a large
Entering Prostitution in Adolescence: History of Youth Homelessness Predicts Earlier Entry
ABSTRACT The effect of youth homelessness on age of entry into prostitution was tested, controlling for other known covariates using a multivariate model. Women (N = 96) who self-identified as having
Juvenile Entry Into Prostitution
This study seeks to assess the nature and extent of childhood emotional abuse among adult women in a residential prostitution-exiting program. Regression analyses were conducted to assess the unique


Prostitution in the United States
Currently, the demand for suppressing prostitu tion is far less insistent than it used to be. Some cities have experienced an apparent revival in prostitution, but this appearance is due chiefly to
Some aspects of prostitution
This article on prostitution is a preliminary report based on a saluple of 175 white prostitutes. The sample is taken from a larger sample of sexual histories contained in the files of the Institute
Presidential Address-1976. Social support as a moderator of life stress.
  • S. Cobb
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Psychosomatic medicine
  • 1976
It appears that social support can protect people in crisis from a wide variety of pathological states: from low birth weight to death, from arthritis through tuberculosis to depression, alcoholism, and the social breakdown syndrome.