Entomology: Asian honeybees parasitize the future dead

  title={Entomology: Asian honeybees parasitize the future dead},
  author={Piyamas Nanork and J. Y. Oyangd H. P. Paar and Nadine C. Chapman and Siriwat Wongsiri and Benjamin P. Oldroyd},
The queen of a honeybee colony has a reproductive monopoly because her workers' ovaries are normally inactive and any eggs that they do lay are eaten by their fellow workers. But if a colony becomes queenless, the workers start to lay eggs, stop policing and rear a last batch of males before the colony finally dies out. Here we show that workers of the Asian dwarf red honeybee Apis florea from other colonies exploit this interval as an opportunity to move in and lay their own eggs while no… CONTINUE READING
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