Entomological fauna from Reserva Biológica do Atol das Rocas, RN, Brazil: I. Morphospecies composition.

  title={Entomological fauna from Reserva Biol{\'o}gica do Atol das Rocas, RN, Brazil: I. Morphospecies composition.},
  author={Marchon-Silva and Ribeiro and Serpa-Filho and Gabriel Marchesan Almeida and Costa},
  journal={Revista brasileira de biologia},
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Atol das Rocas, the unique atoll in the South-western Atlantic, is located 144 nautical miles (266 Km) northeast from the city of Natal, NE Brazil and 80 nautical miles from Arquipélago de Fernando de Noronha, with geographic co-ordinates 3 masculine51'S and 33 masculine49"W. It's of volcanic origin and coralline formation. The reef is ellipsoid, its largest axis (E-W) is approximately 3.7 km long, and the shortest (N-S) is 2.5 km. Inside the lagoon, there are two islands: the Ilha do Farol and… CONTINUE READING