Entfernung und Genauigkeit der Anfangsorientierung von Brieftauben


A pronounced pattern of the accuracy of initial orientation (homeward component h) as a function of the distance of release has been obtained at Durham, N.C. USA (Schmidt-Koenig, 1964, 1966). With respect to the variability of homing, especially to loft specific differences (Schmidt-Koenig, 1963a, b, 1965), generalization of the result and its probably far reaching methodological and theoretical consequences was considered tentative (Schmidt-Koenig, 1964, 1966) until confirmed at some other location. A repetition of the experiment is now under way at Frankfurt, Germany. As may be seen from Fig. 1 (47 scores so far obtained), a rather similar pattern as that obtained at Durham (broken line in Fig. 1 is the mean from Durham) is emerging, supporting the conclusions tentatively drawn from the experiment at Durham.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00298755

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