Enterprise services (business) collaboration using portal and SOA-based semantics


With the spread of Internet technologies, the severe competition among businesses, many organizations are moving towards integrating their services online. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has shown a potential features in facilitating and managing services integration and expose them through a Portal application. The marriage of these two new standards will definitely lead to a full fledge service integration where key features of both paradigms will smoothen the heterogeneous service integration process. This is achieved by the mean of automatic service composition and orchestration feature of SOA and the automatic customization and profiling feature of the portal technology. This research endeavored to integrate Service Oriented Architecture of (SOA) with portal technology. In this paper, we propose an architecture to help integrating (composing) services online and exposing them via one single point of access known a portal. Composition of Web Services is semantically supported, and relies on user requirements and profile. To ensure smooth integration of services while ensuring good quality for instance high availability, good response time, and processing time, a monitoring technique has been proposed to detect and report if any QoS violation of service composition occurs. The designed architecture has been applied to a use case scenario: a e-commerce portal (ECP) and the results of a system prototype have been reported to demonstrate some relevant features of the proposed approach.

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