Enterprise Social Networking: Opportunities, Adoption, and Risk Mitigation

  title={Enterprise Social Networking: Opportunities, Adoption, and Risk Mitigation},
  author={Efraim Turban and Narasimha Bolloju and Ting-Peng Liang},
  journal={Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce},
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Social networks on the Internet are becoming extremely popular and have begun to change the way we live and work. Many enterprises are assessing the potential of exploiting the commercial opportunities of this technology. Although social networking commercial activities may be the next big productivity booster for firms, some consider such activities to be time wasters and security traps. Therefore, it is useful to develop a framework to consolidate the issues in adopting this technology. This… 

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Finally, a way to put your Internet portfolio in order.

  • A. Tjan
  • Business
    Harvard business review
  • 2001
By adapting classical portfolio strategy to the digital age, executives can coordinate their Internet initiatives to avoid the needless headaches and spending, consultant Anthony Tjan says.

Finally, a way to put your Internet portfolio in order.

Eager to capitalize on the Internet's potential, many companies have allowed scores of on-line projects to bubble up throughout their organizations. The result? More harm than good, as companies find

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