Enterovirus-induced production of pro-inflammatory and T-helper cytokines by human leukocytes.

  title={Enterovirus-induced production of pro-inflammatory and T-helper cytokines by human leukocytes.},
  author={Gerard Vreugdenhil and Pepijn G. J. T. B. Wijnands and Mihai G Netea and Jos W M van der Meer and Willem J G Melchers and Jochem M. D. Galama},
  volume={12 12},
Enteroviruses are associated with chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases in humans. In these conditions, the cytokine network is supposed to have an important role in inflammation and modulation of the (auto)immune response. In the present study, we demonstrate that coxsackie virus B4 and poliovirus type 1 induce production of pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-1 beta and TNF-alpha in freshly isolated human leucocytes. Furthermore, enteroviruses stimulate the production of cytokines belonging… CONTINUE READING

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