Enterovirus 71 infects brain-derived neural progenitor cells.

  title={Enterovirus 71 infects brain-derived neural progenitor cells.},
  author={Hsing-I Huang and Jhao-Yin Lin and Hsin-Hsu Chen and Shiou-Bang Yeh and Rei-Lin Kuo and Kuo-Feng Weng and Shin-Ru Shih},
Neural progenitor cells (NPCs) are stem cells that can differentiate into various neural lineage cells. The damage and loss of NPCs are associated with neurological conditions such as cognitive deficits and memory impairment. In a long-term study of patients with EV71, cognitive disorders were observed. Therefore, we hypothesized that NPCs may be permissive to EV71 infection. We demonstrated that NPCs are prone to EV71 infection and that these stem cells can support the active replication of… CONTINUE READING


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