Enterovenous fistula: unusual complication of Crohn disease.


An unusual complication in a patient with Crohn enterocolitis is presented. Ultrasound and computed tomographic studies showed stationary gas in the portal vein, and a presumptive diagnosis of septic ascending portal thrombophlebitis was made. Emergency laparotomy was performed and the terminal ileum was excised for recurrent Crohn disease. Pathologic… (More)


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@article{Ajzen1988EnterovenousFU, title={Enterovenous fistula: unusual complication of Crohn disease.}, author={S{\'e}rgio Aron Ajzen and Robin G Gibney and Peter Cooperberg and Charles H. Scudamore and Richard R Miller}, journal={Radiology}, year={1988}, volume={166 3}, pages={745-6} }