Enterohepatic circulation of methotrexate in rats in vivo.

  title={Enterohepatic circulation of methotrexate in rats in vivo.},
  author={Stephen Steinberg and Cara L Campbell and W. Archie Bleyer and Robert S. Hillman},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={42 4},
The pharmacokinetics of the methotrexate enterohepatic cycle were studied in rats in vivo. For plasma levels of methotrexate between 10(-5) and 10(-8) M, biliary levels were directly proportional and concentrated 27-fold. When labeled methotrexate was administered in doses sufficient to achieve plasma levels of 10(-6) M, approximately 50% of methotrexate appeared in the bile in normal animals and up to 80% appeared in anephric animals. In spite of the high percentage of administered… CONTINUE READING