Enterohepatic Circulation of Triiodothyronine

  title={Enterohepatic Circulation of Triiodothyronine},
  author={WILLEM DE HERDER and W. W. de Herder and Fred Bonthuis and Michiel Rutgers and Marten H. Otten and Martijn Hazenberg},
Recent studies using isolated rat hepatocytes have indicated that the bioactive form of thyroid hormone, T 3 , is metabolized in liver predominantly by conjugation with glucuronic acid or sulfate. In contrast to T 3 itself and the stable glucuronide, T3 sulfate is rapidly degraded by successive deiodination of the tyrosyl and phenolic rings. In the present study we have investigated the biliary excretion ofT 3 metabolites in male Wistar rats under pentobarbital anesthesia. The animals were… CONTINUE READING