Enterococci in foods--a conundrum for food safety.

  title={Enterococci in foods--a conundrum for food safety.},
  author={Charles Franz and Michael E. Stiles and Karl Heinz Schleifer and Wilhelm H Holzapfel},
  journal={International journal of food microbiology},
  volume={88 2-3},
Enterococci form part of the lactic acid bacteria (LAB) of importance in foods. They can spoil processed meats but they are on the other hand important for ripening and aroma development of certain traditional cheeses and sausages, especially those produced in the Mediterranean area. Enterococci are also used as human probiotics. However, they are important nosocomial pathogens that cause bacteraemia, endocarditis and other infections. Some strains are resistant to many antibiotics, but… CONTINUE READING
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