Entering a Theoretical Void: The Theory of Social Fascism and Stalinism in the German Communist Party

  title={Entering a Theoretical Void: The Theory of Social Fascism and Stalinism in the German Communist Party},
  author={L. Haro},
  pages={563 - 582}
  • L. Haro
  • Published 1 December 2011
  • Sociology
  • Critique
The German Communist Party slogan ‘Social Fascism is Socialism in word, Fascism in deed’1 demonstrated a dramatic ideological shift in the Comintern's parties. The term ‘social fascism’ was introduced to the German party shortly after the failed German revolution of 1923 and the subsequent period of relative stabilization, and by 1929 was being propagated as a theory. What is so remarkable about the term, and its development into a ‘theory’ is how the fluctuations in its popularity were… 
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