Entangling Macroscopic Diamonds at Room Temperature

  title={Entangling Macroscopic Diamonds at Room Temperature},
  author={K. C. Lee and Michael R. Sprague and Benjamin J. Sussman and Joshua Nunn and Nathan K Langford and X.-M. Jin and Tessa F. M. Champion and Patrick Steffen Michelberger and K. F. Reim and Duncan England and Dieter Jaksch and Ian A. Walmsley},
  pages={1253 - 1256}
Optical pulses are used to quantum mechanically entangle two diamonds several centimeters apart. Quantum entanglement in the motion of macroscopic solid bodies has implications both for quantum technologies and foundational studies of the boundary between the quantum and classical worlds. Entanglement is usually fragile in room-temperature solids, owing to strong interactions both internally and with the noisy environment. We generated motional entanglement between vibrational states of two… 
The Advantages of Not Entangling Macroscopic Diamonds at Room Temperature.
  • M. Brezinski
  • Physics
    Journal of atomic, molecular, and optical physics
  • 2012
The ability to establish nonlocal macroscopic quantum correlations through path indistinguishability rather than entanglement offers the opportunity to greatly expand quantum macroscopy theory and application, even though it was not true nonlocal entanglements.
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