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Entanglement of particles versus entanglement of fields: independent quantum resources

  title={Entanglement of particles versus entanglement of fields: independent quantum resources},
  author={Jan Sperling and Elizabeth Agudelo},
Nature allows one to explore a manifold of remarkable quantum effects. Most prominently, quantum entanglement can be observed in many-particle systems, between multiple quantized fields, and hybrid combinations thereof. This diversity, however, also leads to contradicting conclusions about what truly constitutes entanglement in any given physical scenario. By explicitly allowing various perspectives, we rigorously define different notions of entanglement in the context of first and second… 
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Lexin Ding, 2 Stefan Knecht, 4, 5, ∗ Zoltán Zimborás, 7 and Christian Schilling 2, † Faculty of Physics, Arnold Sommerfeld Centre for Theoretical Physics (ASC), Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität