Entanglement of atomic qubits using an optical frequency comb.

  title={Entanglement of atomic qubits using an optical frequency comb.},
  author={D. Hayes and D. Matsukevich and P. Maunz and D. Hucul and Q. Quraishi and S. Olmschenk and W. Campbell and J. Mizrahi and C. Senko and C. Monroe},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={104 14},
  • D. Hayes, D. Matsukevich, +7 authors C. Monroe
  • Published 2010
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • We demonstrate the use of an optical frequency comb to coherently control and entangle atomic qubits. A train of off-resonant ultrafast laser pulses is used to efficiently and coherently transfer population between electronic and vibrational states of trapped atomic ions and implement an entangling quantum logic gate with high fidelity. This technique can be extended to the high field regime where operations can be performed faster than the trap frequency. This general approach can be applied… CONTINUE READING
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