Entanglement entropy in a boundary impurity model.

  title={Entanglement entropy in a boundary impurity model.},
  author={G. C. Levine},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={93 26 Pt 1},
  • G. C. Levine
  • Published in Physical review letters 2004
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Boundary impurities are known to dramatically alter certain bulk properties of (1+1)-dimensional strongly correlated systems. The entanglement entropy of a zero temperature Luttinger liquid bisected by a single impurity is computed using a novel finite size scaling or bosonization scheme. For a Luttinger liquid of length 2L and UV cutoff epsilon, the boundary impurity correction (deltaSimp) to the logarithmic entanglement entropy (Sent proportional, variant lnL/epsilon scales as deltaSimp… CONTINUE READING

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