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Entanglement entropy and algebraic holography

  title={Entanglement entropy and algebraic holography},
  author={B. S. Kay},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
  • B. S. Kay
  • Published 2016
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory
  • In 2006, Ryu and Takayanagi (RT) pointed out that (with a suitable cutoff) the entanglement entropy between two complementary regions of an equal-time surface of a d+1-dimensional conformal field theory on the conformal boundary of AdS_{d+2} is, when the AdS radius is appropriately related to the parameters of the CFT, equal to 1/4G times the area of the d-dimensional minimal surface in the AdS bulk which has the junction of those complementary regions as its boundary, where G is the bulk… CONTINUE READING

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