Entanglement between two uses of a noisy multipartite quantum channel enables perfect transmission of classical information.

  title={Entanglement between two uses of a noisy multipartite quantum channel enables perfect transmission of classical information.},
  author={R. Duan and Yaoyun Shi},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={101 2},
Suppose that m senders want to transmit classical information to n receivers with zero probability of error using a noisy multipartite communication channel. The senders are allowed to exchange classical, but not quantum, messages among themselves, and the same holds for the receivers. If the channel is classical, a single use can transmit information if and only if multiple uses can. In sharp contrast, we exhibit, for each m and n with m>1 or n>1, a quantum channel of which a single use is not… CONTINUE READING
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