Entanglement and mixed states of Young tableau states in gauge/gravity correspondence

  title={Entanglement and mixed states of Young tableau states in gauge/gravity correspondence},
  author={Hai Lin and Yuwei Zhu},
  journal={Nuclear Physics B},
  • Hai Lin, Yuwei Zhu
  • Published 29 July 2021
  • Physics
  • Nuclear Physics B
We use entangled multimode coherent states to produce entangled giant graviton states, in the context of gauge/gravity duality. We make a smeared distribution of the entangled multimode coherent states on the circle, or on the five-sphere, in the higher dimensional view. In gauge/gravity duality, we analyze the superposition of giant graviton states, and the entangled pairs of giant graviton states. We map a class of angular distribution functions to unitary operations on the pairs. We also use… 
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