Entamoeba histolytica: intracellular distribution of the proteasome.

  title={Entamoeba histolytica: intracellular distribution of the proteasome.},
  author={Ricardo S{\'a}nchez and Alejandro Alag{\'o}n and Roberto Pablo Stock},
  journal={Experimental parasitology},
  volume={102 3-4},
We have studied the intracellular distribution of proteasome subunits, corresponding to the catalytic (20S) core and the regulatory (19S) cap, in the extracellular protozoan parasite Entamoeba histolytica. Contrary to all cell types described to date, notably mammalian and yeast, in which the proteasome is found in the nucleus and actively imported into it, microscopic analysis and subcellular fractionation of E. histolytica trophozoites show that the proteasome is absent from the nucleus of… CONTINUE READING