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Ensinando a Química do Efeito Estufa no Ensino Médio: Possibilidades e Limites

  title={Ensinando a Qu{\'i}mica do Efeito Estufa no Ensino M{\'e}dio: Possibilidades e Limites},
  author={C. Silva and A. Lobato and R. M. Lago and Z. D. L. Cardeal and A. L. Quadros},
Teaching the Chemistry of the Greenhouse Effect in High School: Possibilities and Limits. New educational trends strength the need of understanding problems experienced by our modern society. Among them, environmental issues are of special concern. In chemistry classes, one of these issues is the greenhouse effect which receives a considerable attention of the media. In this work, some chemistry textbooks used by high school teachers have been analyzed, showing that the description of this… Expand