Ensemble brightening and enhanced quantum yield in size-purified silicon nanocrystals.

  title={Ensemble brightening and enhanced quantum yield in size-purified silicon nanocrystals.},
  author={Joseph B Miller and Austin R Van Sickle and Rebecca J Anthony and Daniel M Kroll and Uwe R Kortshagen and Erik K Hobbie},
  journal={ACS nano},
  volume={6 8},
We report on the quantum yield, photoluminescence (PL) lifetime, and ensemble photoluminescent stability of highly monodisperse plasma-synthesized silicon nanocrystals (SiNCs) prepared though density-gradient ultracentrifugation in mixed organic solvents. Improved size uniformity leads to a reduction in PL line width and the emergence of entropic order in dry nanocrystal films. We find excellent agreement with the anticipated trends of quantum confinement in nanocrystalline silicon, with a… CONTINUE READING
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