Ensemble averaged surface normal impedance of material using an in-situ technique: preliminary study using boundary element method.

  title={Ensemble averaged surface normal impedance of material using an in-situ technique: preliminary study using boundary element method.},
  author={Toru Otsuru and Reiji Tomiku and Nazli bin Che Din and Noriko Okamoto and M. Murakami},
  journal={The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America},
  volume={125 6},
An in-situ measurement technique of a material surface normal impedance is proposed. It includes a concept of "ensemble averaged" surface normal impedance that extends the usage of obtained values to various applications such as architectural acoustics and computational simulations, especially those based on the wave theory. The measurement technique itself is a refinement of a method using a two-microphone technique and environmental anonymous noise, or diffused ambient noise, as proposed by… CONTINUE READING


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