Ensemble Sales Forecasting Study in Semiconductor Industry

  title={Ensemble Sales Forecasting Study in Semiconductor Industry},
  author={Qiuping Xu and Vikas Kumar Sharma},
Sales forecasting plays a prominent role in business planning and business strategy. [...] Key Method Benefit from the recent advances in computation power and software development, millions of models built upon multiple regressions, time series analysis, random forest and boosting tree were executed in parallel. The models with smaller validation errors were selected to form the ensemble model. To better capture the distinct characteristics, forecasting models were implemented at lead time and lines of…Expand
A data-driven forecast netting approach for reliable demand forecasting
  • In Gyu Lee, Sang Won Yoon, Daehan Won
  • Computer Science
  • 2021
The experimental results suggest that the proposed novel forecast netting method can attain competitive outcomes by reducing forecast error and variation as compared to the conventionalNetting method and the statistical forecasting methods such as exponential smoothing and moving average. Expand
Assessment of Success Factors for Cloud adoption in Semiconductor Industry using Hybrid DEMATEL-ANP
  • Neha Pawar, S. Misra, Shikha Singh
  • Business, Computer Science
  • 2020 IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC)
  • 2020
It is found that factors under technological and organizational dimensions are the causal factors that are affecting the adoption of cloud technology in the semiconductor industry. Expand


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