• Medicine
  • Published 2015

Ensamkommande barns behov och kulturmöte : en kvalitativ studie ur ett personalperspektiv

  title={Ensamkommande barns behov och kulturm{\"o}te : en kvalitativ studie ur ett personalperspektiv},
  author={Gentiana Maxhuni and Peyman Zarifnejad},
This study examined how the staff at HVB-homes perceives the impact of meeting a new culture with unaccompanied children, as well as what kind of need the staff identifies with these children and how they manage these needs. Six semi-structured interviews were conducted with staff from two different HVB-homes. Participants in the study were three women and three men aged 25-35. A thematic analysis was used to analyze the data from the interview sessions. A sub-theme and two themes were formed… CONTINUE READING

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