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Ensambles de aves en un sitio quemado y en un sitio no alterado en un área forestal del noroeste de la Patagonia argentina

  title={Ensambles de aves en un sitio quemado y en un sitio no alterado en un {\'a}rea forestal del noroeste de la Patagonia argentina},
  author={D. Grigera and Y. C. Pavic and R. Negro},
BIRD ASSEMBLAGES AT A BURNT AND AN UNDISTURBED SITE IN A FOREST AREA IN NORTHWEST PATAGONIA, ARGENTINA.— Bird censuses were carried out in an undisturbed site and in a site affected by fire in an area of the Arroyo Challhuaco basin, Nahuel Huapi National Park, Argentina. The density and feeding substrates of each bird species were recorded. Twenty four bird species were recorded, 19 in the undisturbed site and 15 in the burnt site. Some bird species present in the undisturbed site were absent… Expand
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