Enrichment of non–apoptotic human spermatozoa after cryopreservation by immunomagnetic cell sorting

  title={Enrichment of non–apoptotic human spermatozoa after cryopreservation by immunomagnetic cell sorting},
  author={Sonja Grunewald and Uwe Paasch and H. -J. Glander},
  journal={Cell and Tissue Banking},
Cryopreservation increases the rate of apoptotic spermatozoa withdecreased capability to fertilise oocytes. In order to optimise thefertilisation rates, especially in assisted reproduction the use of apoptoticsperms should be avoided. Early events of apoptosis in cryopreservedspermatozoaare not detectable by conventional methods. However, the surface of apoptoticspermatozoa is characterised by externalisation of phosphatidylserine (PS),which has a high affinity to Annexin V. Therefore, colloid… CONTINUE READING


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