Enriching a massively multilingual database of interlinear glossed text

  title={Enriching a massively multilingual database of interlinear glossed text},
  author={Fei Xia and William D. Lewis and Michael Wayne Goodman and Glenn Slayden and Ryan Georgi and Joshua Crowgey and Emily M. Bender},
  journal={Language Resources and Evaluation},
The majority of the world’s languages have little to no NLP resources or tools. This is due to a lack of training data (“resources”) over which tools, such as taggers or parsers, can be trained. In recent years, there have been increasing efforts to apply NLP methods to a much broader swath of the world’s languages. In many cases this involves bootstrapping the learning process with enriched or partially enriched resources. We propose that Interlinear Glossed Text (IGT), a very common form of… CONTINUE READING
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