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Enriched purity and presentability in Banach spaces

  title={Enriched purity and presentability in Banach spaces},
  author={Jivr'i Rosick'y},
. The category Ban of Banach spaces and linear maps of norm ≤ 1 is locally ℵ 1 -presentable but not locally finitely presentable. We prove, however, that Ban is locally finitely presentable in the enriched sense over complete metric spaces. Moreover, in this sense, pure morphisms are just ideals of Banach spaces. We characterize classes of Banach spaces approximately injective to sets of morphisms having finite-dimensional domains and separable codomains. prove that pure morphisms of Banach spaces… 



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Linear Hahn–Banach extension operators

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  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society
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Given any subspace N of a Banach space X, there is a subspace M containing N and of the same density character as N, for which there exists a linear Hahn–Banach extension operator from M* to X*. This

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[F-S] D. Fremlin and S. Shelah, Pointwise compact and stable sets of measurable functions, manuscript, 1990. [G-G-M-S] N. Ghoussoub, G. Godefroy, B. Maurey, W. Schachermayer, Some topological and

On the uniqueness of cellular injectives

  • J. Rosický
  • Mathematics
    Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • 2018
Abstract A. Avilés and C. Brech proved an intriguing result about the existence and uniqueness of certain injective Boolean algebras or Banach spaces. Their result refines the standard existence and