[Enriched foodstuffs: the estimation of the maximal possible intake of vitamins, iron, calcium].


In connection with an assortment extending in the consumer market of enriched with vitamins and mineral substances foodstuffs a maximal dose of vitamins, iron and calcium has been estimated on the basis of theoretical full replacement of usual products and dishes by their enriched analogues with the maximal micronutrient content. Calculation was made proceeding from the recommended daily average set of products of a sanatorium diet, and also from average daily actual consumption of the basic groups of foodstuffs. The total sizes of theoretically possible maximal receipt of vitamins A, E and B12 calculated on the basis of the first approach, can exceed recommended on 30-75%, of vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, niacin, pantothenic and folic acids--in 2-3 fold, vitamin D and biotin--in 4,5-5,4 fold, additional receipt of calcium makes approximately 83%, iron--about 100%. "Theoretical" intake of vitamins with a real diet amount to 45-220% from recommended norms of their consumption, and additional receipt of calcium and iron can reach 56-99%. Considering negligible probability owing to small volume of manufacture of simultaneous daily replacement of all foodstuffs on enriched analogues (at a level of enrichment up to 50% from recommended daily consumption), the risk of micronutrients overdose is possible to be recognized insignificant.

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