Enhancing the magnetoelectric coupling in YMnO3 by Ga doping

  title={Enhancing the magnetoelectric coupling in YMnO3 by Ga doping},
  author={Agustinus Agung Nugroho and Natalia Bellido and Umut Adem and Gwilherm N{\'e}nert and Ch. Simon and May-On Tjia and Maxim Mostovoy and Thomas Palstra},
We study the magnetoelectric coupling in $\mathrm{Y}\mathrm{Mn}{\mathrm{O}}_{3}$ single crystal, in which a part of ${\mathrm{Mn}}^{3+}$ ions is substituted by nonmagnetic ${\mathrm{Ga}}^{3+}$ ions. While the antiferromagnetic ordering temperature is gradually suppressed by Ga doping, the magnetocapacitance is enhanced by two orders of magnitude, which we attribute to the lifting of frustration of interlayer spin interactions in doped samples. We also find that the dielectric constant anomaly… CONTINUE READING