Enhancing the Human-Computer Interaction on Camera-Equipped Mobile Phones


Mobile phones interactions are mostly done via the buttons, thumbwheels or touchscreens. Thus, in this s paper we present an approach for enhancing Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) on camera-equipped mobile phones. By using this approach a user is able to interact with an application by moving the mobile phone. The built-in camera is used to capture frame sequences while the movement and rotation are being estimated. The movement and rotation data are used as an input for the application. In our approach, we present some method to overcome the limitation of the mobile phone and further enhance the precision as previously reported by other researchers. The algorithm used in estimating the 3D motion is the neuron network. To conclude, some examples of the implementations using the proposed approach are discussed in this work. Key-Words: mobile phone, camera, Human-Computer Interaction, neuron network

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