Enhancing microalgae cultivation in anaerobic digestate through nitrification

  title={Enhancing microalgae cultivation in anaerobic digestate through nitrification},
  author={Prashant Praveen and Yuchen Guo and Hyuna Kang and Clement Lefebvre and K. I. Loh},
Abstract High ammonium concentration is considered a major challenge in cultivating autotrophic microalgae in anaerobic digestate. In this research, the feasibility of applying nitrification as pretreatment to alleviate ammonium toxicity on microalgae was investigated. Batch experiments conducted in synthetic medium showed that microalgae growth was inhibited at NH 4 + -N > 100 mg/L, but NO 3 − -N was benign at concentrations as high as 350 mg/L. Microalgae growth in 2–50% digestate (v/v) was… CONTINUE READING

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