Enhancing error localization of DFT codes by weighted &#x2113;<inf>1</inf>-norm minimization


We consider the problem of decoding of real BCH discrete Fourier transform codes (RDFT) which are considered for joint source channel codes to provide robustness against errors in communication channels. In this paper, we propose to combine the subspace based algorithm like MUSIC algorithm with &#x2113;<sub>1</sub>-norm minimization algorithm, which is promoted as a sparsity solution functional, to enhance the error localization of RDFT codes. Simulation results show that the combined algorithm performs better over the performances of these individual algorithms.

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@article{Anil2008EnhancingEL, title={Enhancing error localization of DFT codes by weighted ℓ1-norm minimization}, author={Kumar A. Anil and Anamitra Makur}, journal={2008 16th European Signal Processing Conference}, year={2008}, pages={1-5} }