Enhancing energy harvesting by coupling monostable oscillators

  title={Enhancing energy harvesting by coupling monostable oscillators},
  author={Juli{\'a}n I. Pe{\~n}a Rossell{\'o} and Horacio S. Wio and R. Deza and Peter H{\"a}nggi},
  journal={The European Physical Journal B},
Abstract The performance of a ring of linearly coupled, monostable nonlinear oscillators is optimized towards its goal of acting as energy harvester – through piezoelectric transduction – of mesoscopic fluctuations, which are modeled as Ornstein-Uhlenbeck noises. For a single oscillator, the maximum output voltage and overall efficiency are attained for a soft piecewise-linear potential (providing a weak attractive constant force) but they are still fairly large for a harmonic potential. When… 
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