Enhancing effectiveness of sentence alignment in parallel corpora : Using MT heuristics

      title={Enhancing effectiveness of sentence alignment in parallel corpora : Using MT heuristics},
      author={Sriram Chaudhury and Dipti Misra Sharma and Amba P. Kulkarni and S. Chaudary and Kiran Pala and Lakshminarayana kodavali and Keshav Singhal}
    India is a multilingual, linguistically dense and diverse country with rich resources of information. Parallel corpora have major role in multilingual natural language processing, computational linguistics, speech and information retrieval. This paper describes an alignment system for aligning English-Hindi texts in GyanNidhi corpus at sentence level. The criteria used for alignment is combination of linguistic, statistical information and simple heuristics. We use multi-feature approach with… CONTINUE READING

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