Enhancing a Telerobotics Java Tool with Augmented Reality


This paper describes the integration of an Augmented Reality service into our telerobotics system ASSET. ASSET is a teleoperation tool written in Java offering the services of simulation, 3D visualization, devices management and Java3D/VRML2.0 models loading. ASSET allows the definition of behaviour for each simulation object, so it is possible to have entities with different degrees of autonomy sharing the same environment. The Augmented Reality service that we have integrated use the Java binding of the ARToolkit to allow operators and autonomous robots to gather information about the mission. Information points are represented in the real world by visual patterns which, when recognized by the Augmented Reality Service, trigger actions to be executed by the robot or activate virtual objects display.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-25958-9_2

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