Enhancing Pre-Trained Language Representations with Rich Knowledge for Machine Reading Comprehension

  title={Enhancing Pre-Trained Language Representations with Rich Knowledge for Machine Reading Comprehension},
  author={An Yang and Q. Wang and Jing Liu and Kai Liu and Yajuan Lyu and H. Wu and Qiaoqiao She and Sujian Li},
  • An Yang, Q. Wang, +5 authors Sujian Li
  • Published in ACL 2019
  • Computer Science
  • Machine reading comprehension (MRC) is a crucial and challenging task in NLP. [...] Key Method We introduce KT-NET, which employs an attention mechanism to adaptively select desired knowledge from KBs, and then fuses selected knowledge with BERT to enable contextand knowledgeaware predictions. We believe this would combine the merits of both deep LMs and curated KBs towards better MRC. Experimental results indicate that KT-NET offers significant and consistent improvements over BERT, outperforming competitive…Expand Abstract
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