Enhancing DNA hybridization kinetics through constriction-based dielectrophoresis.

  title={Enhancing DNA hybridization kinetics through constriction-based dielectrophoresis.},
  author={Nathan S Swami and Chia-Fu Chou and Venkatraman Ramamurthy and Vasudha Chaurey},
  journal={Lab on a chip},
  volume={9 22},
The enhancement of signal sensitivity through the scaling-down of sensors presents mass transport limitations that can arrest the sensitivity gains obtained as a result of miniaturization. To alleviate these limitations, we study the application of constriction-based dielectrophoresis methods to enhance transport through pre-concentration of target DNA in the vicinity of the diffusion layer of the sensor, on which capture probe DNA molecules were immobilized. We demonstrate that constriction… CONTINUE READING