Enhancing Cloud Security through Access Control Models: A Survey


Cloud computing is a new computing paradigm in which an application can run on connected Cloud Server instead of local server. Cloud computing provides efficient data storage, resource sharing and services in a distributed manner with great ease. However Cloud computing is having issues like security and privacy of data when sensitive data is stored under… (More)


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@inproceedings{Langaliya2015EnhancingCS, title={Enhancing Cloud Security through Access Control Models: A Survey}, author={Chirag Langaliya and Rajanikanth Aluvalu and Parmindar Singh and Sarpreet Singh and Vishal Goyal and Omkant Pandey and Akhil Sahai and Zhiguo Wan and Robert H. Deng and Sanjay Tiwari and Khushbu Sharma}, year={2015} }