Enhancement of the corrosion resistance of titanium alloys of the Ti-Al-Mo-V system by carbonitriding

  title={Enhancement of the corrosion resistance of titanium alloys of the Ti-Al-Mo-V system by carbonitriding},
  author={I. Pohrelyuk and V. Fedirko and O. Yas’kiv and V. Tykhonovych and R. Proskurnyak},
  journal={Materials Science},
We study the regularities of formation of coatings on titanium alloys of the Ti-Al-Mo-V system in the process of saturation in carbon-and-nitrogen-containing media (with an oxygen content of at most 0.01–0.0005 vol.%) and their corrosion-electrochemical behavior in an 80% aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. The difference between the phase compositions of the coatings formed in different temperature ranges of saturation is revealed. Thus, nitride coatings are formed on the surface at… Expand
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